Telegram. Privacy or Security?


Recently the Indonesian government released an announcement about blocking Telegram in Indonesia. The reason is there are so many channels in the Telegram which are consist of dangerous issues like propaganda, radicalism, terrorism, hate speech, assemble bombs, violent action, disturbing images, and others that are contrary to Indonesian laws and regulations.

In the yesterday morning, the Australian government also announced that will bring in new laws to force tech companies to hand over data protected by encrypted messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

These government movements perhaps are implemented the result of G20 statement on countering terrorism.

Really, I do not know how dangerous Telegram is used by terrorists. But I really disagree about this blocking. I use Telegram almost in 2 years. And during that time, I did not encounter such a thing as the presumed. I got a lot of good from Telegram. I could play many games. I could subscribe to the interesting channels. I could join the groups full of knowledge. I could bookmark any important things. Even, I could make my own bot. And I believe that other people also got many benefits in Telegram, one of which is to grow their business.

Privacy or security?. It is a dilemma. Telegram use end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy of their user. WhatsApp also uses it. Using this encryption method, anyone except the user can not open, read or snoop the content or message, even the Telegram developer or the government. So anyone did not know what the other talking about. It is a privacy.

But if anything is hidden. We don’t know what other think or plan. Is it related to us? Is it dangerous to us? We don’t know. It is a privacy. So also if there are some terrorist who planning or talking about a bombing. We don’t know. The government also don’t know. It is because of the privacy. So does privacy make it unsafe? Do we have to sacrifice our privacy to be safe?. Privacy or security first? I am still thinking about it.

But, if we talking about terrorism. The real object is human, not the tool. Telegram is just a tool. It is same with the knife. It is just a tool. Do we have to block the knife? No. As long as the object still exists, they will change the tool. So the most important are about humanity. So the work has to be done by government is how to make and ensure every single human in their country to be good. And I know it is difficult. But the easiest (or perhaps most difficult? Hmmm) for the government is to be good government first. Then your people will follow you.

Selamat pagi.



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