Telegram. Privacy or Security?

Bismillah. Recently the Indonesian government released an announcement about blocking Telegram in Indonesia. The reason is there are so many channels in the Telegram which are consist of dangerous issues like propaganda, radicalism, terrorism, hate speech, assemble bombs, violent action, disturbing images, and others that are contrary to Indonesian laws and regulations. In the yesterday... Continue Reading →


Beautiful Painting on the Carriages Prameks

Bismillah. When I am going home, I usually use Prameks train from Yogyakarta to Solo. Prameks is short for Prambanan Ekspres. It is an economy class local train with air conditioner (AC). The ticket price is only 8K Rupiah. This video shows Prameks with the beautiful painting batik on the carriages of the train.

Sky Bridge Terminal Tirtonadi

Bismillah. Today, I go back to Yogyakarta after one week holiday of Idul Fitri at home. My journey was started by taking a bus from my home to Tirtonadi terminal, then taking a train from Solobalapan station to Yogyakarta. Tirtonadi terminal and Solobalapan station which are in Surakarta (Solo) is connected by a sky bridge... Continue Reading →

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