Push Existing Git Repository to Heroku


It is as my note. How to add existing git repository to Heroku app. Here,  I already have an awesome project, I have created a Heroku app, and I have installed git and Heroku command-line interface in my computer.

# npm install -g heroku-cli

First, do this command to list all remote repository available in our local. And make sure there is no Heroku repository listed yet.

$ git remote -v

Then do this command to add Heroku repository.

$ heroku git:remote -a <our heroku app name>

Then do this command again. And make sure our Heroku repository listed.

$ git remote -v

Finally, we can push our git repository to Heroku using this command.

$ git push heroku master

This is the screenshot of mine.


You can  see my project at heroku here. The source code is also available at Github.

I will write more about this project in another post.



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