Using KDE Connect on openSUSE and Android


I just realize that there is one amazing application built in KDE. That is KDE Connect. It can pairing devices through WiFi. It can be using in computer and phone.

There are two features which very helpful for me. One is sharing notification. I am a software developer. My daily life is in front of the computer, so I do not have much time to open the phone just to watch the notification. But with this application, the phone notification is shared to my computer screen, so I could see the notification while keeping my focus on my work.

The second is share a website page. Sometimes I do some browsing on my phone and sometimes I found some interesting sites and I need to open it on my computer. With this app, instead of copying or typing manual the URL address, I could just share the website in my phone browser to the KDE Connect, and it automatically opens the site in my computer browser. It is cool!.

Besides of that two, there are other features like sending files, remotes input (yes, your phone can be your mouse pad), sharing clipboard, ring your phone (if you lost it) and others.

Look this video demo!.


I am trying KDE Connect on openSUSE Tumbleweed and my Android Asus 4S.Go download here or look the source code. My first experience in openSUSE is the application not detect my phone, it was happened because of the firewall. So I turned off the firewall (do not do this, you have to set the port, I will update after this) and it works. So I can pair both devices.

KDE Connect on openSUSE Tumbleweed
KDE Connect on Asus 4s

For more details you can visit



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