Install MongoDB on openSUSE Tumbleweed


Last week I reinstalled my computer to be openSUSE Tumbleweed. And here I want to share my experience installing MongoDB on this operating system.

We can visit here directly. Then we can choose our operating system. Because I am using openSUSE so I choose openSUSE instead of SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise).


There are 3 options to install. First is the easiest method which using One Click Install. We can click the button based on openSUSE we using. Then we will download the mongodb.yml file, so we can open it using YaST 1-Click Install.


The second is Add repository and install it manually. I choose this option. Please run the following as root:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install mongodb



The third option is download the binary package and install it manually. Run the following as root after we download the file:

zypper in [file_name]

After installing some application. Do not forget to check the manual page to read the documentation.

man mongo


man mongod

To start MongoDB server we can use this following command:



But I got failed message. It is said that because the directory /data/db is not found, so I run this following command to create the directory.

mkdir -p /data/db


Then I run the mongod command again. It is running successfully. After that, we can use MongoDB shell to run many operations. So yeah, MongoDB is ready to use. 🙂




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