Install PyCharm on openSUSE Leap 4.2


My work now needs to write scripts in Python. I could use a powerful text editor, Vim, to code in Python. But I need other Integrated Desktop Environment (IDE) to help me learn more about Python. Then I found there is an IDE, developed by JetBrains, that is PyCharm. I had been accustomed to using IDEs build by JetBrains like Android Studio to develop Android application, also IntelliJ IDEA to code in Scala. The good news is Jetbrains provide PyCharm for community edition, while also professional edition. So I can use the community edition without having to pay. It is free. In PyCharm there are some features which I use like Terminal, Python console and codes suggestion, those are very helpful.

You can download it here. You can choose tab according to which operating system (OS) you use. Because I am using openSUSE, which is GNU/Linux OS so I choose for tab Linux. Then you can click the download button.

You will get one archive file. Then you have to extract the file. You can do right click on the file in the Dolphin then choose extract archive. Or you can use this command in the Konsole, a free and open-source terminal emulator which is part of KDE Applications.

tar -xvf pycharm-community-2016.3.2.tar.gz

Then you can run PyCharm with this command.


And these are the screenshot PyCharm I use.

Welcome Screen of PyCharm
Full Screen View of PyCharm

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