Happy New OS : OpenSUSE Leap 42.2


Finally after one week my laptop in the service center, the technician phoned me. He confirmed to format the hard disk drive (HDD). Then I asked for what. He replied that he want to install Windows on it. I asked why because the problem is fan only. He replied that in the printed letter written that the laptop could not enter Windows, so he think that it is also a problem. Hmmm my guess is true. Then I said that do not install Windows on my laptop. But he already removed the Ubuntu. So I said to let me reinstall it by myself. Huh!

The real problem is really about the fan. He said that the fan socket in the motherboard was broken. The technician also was not able to repair it. The one solution is to change the motherboard. But the price is almost same with buy new one laptop. And because it was caused by spilled water so it could not be warranty. It really makes me sad.

So I decided to take back my laptop. Although the fan is broken, but overall the laptop is still on and I hope it still can be used. After I take back then I check it. And it is true that the Ubuntu was gone. So I have to install new operating system (OS). And because I want to try something new and more. Then I decided to install openSUSE. The version is openSUSE Leap 42.2. I think the community of openSUSE is already large. so yeah Happy New OS!

Desktop interface of openSUSE
Information about system



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