How to Create Bootable USB from openSUSE

Bismillah. If we want to install new operating system (OS) to our computer, we can use DVD image or bootable USB. To create bootable USB in openSUSE, we can use SUSE Studio Imagewriter. This application is very simple. We can install with this command or you can use 1-click installation. Read more in here. #... Continue Reading →


Anak Kos Penyumbang Sampah Plastik

Bismillah. Anak kos memang berpotensi menyumbang sampah plastik terutama yang jomlo (seperti saya). Saya berkata demikian karena saya anak kos yang terbiasa hidup sendiri termasuk makan pun sendiri. Dan kebanyakan anak kos tidak memasak sendiri makanannya karena alasan keterbasan tempat, keterbatasan waktu, atau memang tidak bisa memasak. Sehingga kita akan lebih memilih untuk membeli makanan... Continue Reading →

Install PyCharm on openSUSE Leap 4.2

Bismillah. My work now needs to write scripts in Python. I could use a powerful text editor, Vim, to code in Python. But I need other Integrated Desktop Environment (IDE) to help me learn more about Python. Then I found there is anĀ IDE, developed by JetBrains, that is PyCharm. I had been accustomed to using... Continue Reading →

Happy New OS : OpenSUSE Leap 42.2

Bismillah. Finally after one week my laptop in the service center, the technician phoned me. He confirmed to format the hard disk drive (HDD). Then I asked for what. He replied that he want to install Windows on it. I asked why because the problem is fan only. He replied that in the printed letter... Continue Reading →

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