Better Ubuntu


Yesterday I told that I am using Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu since 2014 on my own computer. Yeah, these 2 years experience I can say that Ubuntu is better than Windows. Beside Ubuntu is Free Software, these are the other reasons:

  1. Get More Knowledge
    This is a screenshot about my final project at university

    Since I am using Ubuntu I get a lot of knowledge. I came to know how the Operating System (OS) works. I came to know how to manage user privilege. I can try customizable new things every day.

  2. Fast
    This photo was taken at Hackathon Ngalam 2016

    As a software developer, I need a lot fair to run the heavy software. One is when I worked as Android Developer 4 months ago. The essential tool to build an Android application is Android Studio. With RAM 4GB I try to run it on Windows, but it feels slow, then when I run it on Ubuntu, it feel faster. But the most influence really is to add RAM capacity and change the HDD to SDD.

  3. Terminal
    This is a screenshot when starting LAMPP

    Terminal is bash emulator in Ubuntu. It is like command shell (CMD) in Windows. But Terminal is more powerful. I can use Terminal to operate file easily. I can run programming scripts (Javascript, Scala, Python) easily. I can learn to manage server because usually server system is also using GNU/Linux.


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