Couldn’t Enter Windows


Last week  accidentally I spilled drink water on my laptop. That caused the fan move too fast. So yesterday I went to Asus Service Center to service it and also my phone, yeah my phone was broken too.

The servant was a girl. She asked me about the condition of the laptop. So I explained to her that the problem was about fan only. But she wrote in the print out receipt that my laptop couldn’t enter Windows. I was laugh in my heart. Of course it was happened because I use Ubuntu. So you would never find the screen like in yours miss!. Yeah, she was in front of a computer. Then I confirmed to her that it shouldn’t to write because it was not a problem, but she persevered until she said that let it be checked by the technician. Then she asked me the password of my laptop. I asked to her why she need the password. See replied that it needed to entering system to checked by technician. And I didn’t give the account password because in the laptop there are lot of secret data about my works, so I told her to use the guest session. I know that see did not understand. Until she said let it be checked by technician again. Hmm I hope the technicians are reliable. Let us wait and see.

That all make me realize that the Windows as an Operating System (OS) is so popular and dominate. Especially in Indonesia. The place like Asus Service Center that is information technology place, should know more and first about OS, but the reality is no. Most of us think that Windows is a part of all computer exist. We do not think the questions like these:

What is Windows in fact?

What is OS?

What is software licence?

Is our Windows legal?

Is there any other than Windows?

I think the cause of the problem from our side because two things, the habits and lack of information. We are always familiarized with Windows since we use computer from the first time. That was compounded by not given material about OS and software licence.

So In the next articles really I want to write about the topics. I hope that our society know and understand about all they use, especially about software. I hope we know that there was a better OS than Windows that is GNU/Linux.

Good night.


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