My Journey in Computer Land


I am a graduate of Computer Science (CS). My decision to study in CS is really a brave. I didn’t have computer before so yeah I only had a little knowledge about computer.

I began know computer when in junior high school, MTs Negeri Ketanggung. There was computer practice once a week. I didn’t know what version of Windows we use. I didn’t know what is Operating System (OS), I was just newbie. I didn’t care it. The material being taught at practice was just type in Microsoft Word and the most were noting the theory. The amount of computer was limited while there were so many student that want to used it so we couldn’t use the computer in long time, we had to take turns.

When I studied in high school, SMA Negeri 1 Sine , I began to love with computer. Began to use the better computer in practice once a week then I realize that there were so many things that I could do with computer. A computer was not use to type in Microsoft Word only but it could use to work with numbers in Microsoft Excel, make an attractive presentation with Microsoft Power Point, edit an image with Adobe Photoshop and in the grade 12th I could used  browser to surfing the Internet.

My love to computer showed with I started to thinking what will I do in the practice session tomorrow. Even I read the my sister’s computer book secretly. I start to learn about computer mostly just in theory but I enjoyed it.

After graduated from high school I decided to study Computer Science. I think learn about computer is make me learn and know unlimited things. It was very excited. And it was true. In university there were so many thing that I studied. Began to know what is programming language and learn how to make program with it. Began to know that there were so many OS beside Windows. Began to know computer architecture. Then I realize that the computer land is very very large. I am now graduated and start working as software engineer. I am still and always learn in this journey. And I love it.


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