Better Ubuntu

Bismillah. Yesterday I told that I am using Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu since 2014 on my own computer. Yeah, these 2 years experience I can say that Ubuntu is better than Windows. Beside Ubuntu is Free Software, these are the other reasons: Get More Knowledge Since I am using Ubuntu I get a lot of... Continue Reading →


Couldn’t Enter Windows

Bismillah, Last week  accidentally I spilled drink water on my laptop. That caused the fan move too fast. So yesterday I went to Asus Service Center to service it and also my phone, yeah my phone was broken too. The servant was a girl. She asked me about the condition of the laptop. So I explained... Continue Reading →

My Journey in Computer Land

Bismillah. I am a graduate of Computer Science (CS). My decision to study in CS is really a brave. I didn't have computer before so yeah I only had a little knowledge about computer. I began know computer when in junior high school, MTs Negeri Ketanggung. There was computer practice once a week. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Do Laundry First Time in Jogja

Bismillah. After live almost 7 month in Jogja, finally I did laundry. Usually I do wash my own clothes in the weekend. But last week there were 3 holidays, last Monday was Prophet Muhammad's birthday and it be national holiday in Indonesia. That be perfect time to went home to Ngawi so I did not have... Continue Reading →

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