Jogja and Malang


Almost 5 years I lived in Malang and then 4 months until now I start to live in Jogja, I still miss everything about Malang. Jogja and Malang, both are recognized as education city that fulfills with creative people. There a lot of new things I get in Jogja. There are things that easily I get in Malang and rarely or maybe not exist in Jogja, yeah that are I missed.

1. Lalapan

Lalapan in Malang is very special. It consists of fried or burnt chicken or catfish or mushroom added with vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, and basil. And the last one is ‘sambal’ with full of chili. You could find Lalapan easily in Malang especially in the campus area. I usually buy it from my special Miss seller and eat it in the night. But It was different in Jogja. Here I rarely found Lalapan like in Malang. In some place, I could meet crispy fried chicken, but the shape is different with Lalapan in Malang and the price is 16K IDR, it is pretty expensive than in Malang just 8K IDR.

2. Nasi Pecel

Nasi Pecel is special food from Madiun. It was so popular in East Java. It consists of rice with vegetables that had been brewing mixed with spicy bean sauce. It was my favorite breakfast menu. In the morning you can easily found Nasi Pecel seller in the roadside of the city. In Jogja, I had never meet Nasi Pecel. The special breakfast menu here is usually Soto Ayam and Yellow Rice. There is a food like Nasi Pecel, it is called ‘Lotek’. It consists of sliced more vegetable mixed ‘bakwan’ then added with spicy bean sauce. It is no rice.

3. Oyi, Lapo, Koen, and Aremania Songs.

Oyi, Lapo, Koen, and Aremania songs are things that I heard daily in Malang. Distinctive accent with the Walikan language is really remembered me to Malang. Nuance fanatism to the football club is difficult to found except in Malang. Yeah, Arema has been an identity of Malang society. Child near my home in Malang like to sing a lot of Aremania song daily. My friend has been told me that Arema has been religion in Malang, hehehe, but I think the more suitable word is identity. Of course, that will never found in Jogja. Jogja has a different of culture. The people of Jogja has more softly in the speech.

4. Angkot

The roads in Malang is more narrow than in Jogja. It is not surprisingly because Malang is not a big city and located in the mountain area. That was made Angkot be main transport vehicle. Angkot can not found in Jogja, here the main transport vehicle is the bus, including Trans Jogja bus. We enough pay 3.5K IDR we can around town with it.

Yeah, that were some things that I missed from Malang. I really hope next month I can visit the Malang City.


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