Healthier 2018

Bismillah. At the age of almost half a century it makes me more aware that there are many things that I want to achieve but always delayed. There is someone who once said that in the 20s age is the age of self-determination and the stabilization of the future. Some say that in these ages... Continue Reading →


Generate Class Model from JSON to Kotlin

Bismillah. Yesterday, I got one challenge to create a simple app in Android using some provided API. The API is using JSON as the response and until now I always to create the class model in Java or Kotlin manually to catch the JSON format, when there is a faster and better way, that is... Continue Reading →


Bismillah. Hi! Ramadan Mubarak, It has long time not write blog here, because the work in my office is quite full. But I always tried to stay productive. It be my resolution in this year to start life healthier. I do several activity to aims this like keep cycling, running and eat healthier food. About... Continue Reading →

How to Make System Apps in Android

Bismillah. Hello guys, this time I want to share about system apps in Android. Make sure we have all installed adb and there is an Android device connected to the computer. Okay? This article is an English version of my article Membuat System Apps di Android. Okay, let's start it. What is system apps? What is the... Continue Reading →

Barong Temple

Bismillah. Yesterday, My office friends and I went cycling to Barong Temple. This temple is located on a hill in Prambanan district, Sleman. So the route is quite heavy because we had to climb by bicycle. But this is very fun plus the scenery there is very beautiful. Look at that sky.

Get In Know with Scala

Bismillah. This is an English version of my article Berkenalan dengan Scala (Bahasa Indonesia). Do you know that there are more than 500 programming languages in the world. And how much have we mastered? Yes, let's study!. History of Scala This time we will learn about Scala, a programming language created by Martin Odersky. He is... Continue Reading →

Morning Routine

Bismillah. Kalau lagi berselancar di Youtube biasanya beberapa kali saya menemukan konten mengenai morning routine dari si pembuat video. Memang menarik untuk disimak, mengingat kegiatan kita di saat pagi bisa menentukan kegiatan kita selama sehari. Dan kali ini saya juga akan menceritakan kegiatan-kegiatan apa saja yang biasa saya lakukan, walaupun memang tidak bisa setiap hari... Continue Reading →

NoClassDefFoundError RxJavaCallAdapterFactory

E/UncaughtException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: retrofit2.adapter.rxjava.RxJavaCallAdapterFactory at Bismillah. This error was happened if we run project from Android Studio to Android L below. Just disable instant run feature will solved this issue. Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run Then uncheck the option.  

Mapping Relational Database to MongoDB

Bismillah. This is an English version of my article, Mapping Database Relasional ke MongoDB. And the content is a lot from this article, here I try to use my own words and examples. As an IT guy, we may already know about a name, MySQL. Yes, a popular relational database which using traditional relation concept (RDBMS/SQL). ... Continue Reading →

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