Telegram. Privacy or Security?

Bismillah. Recently the Indonesian government released an announcement about blocking Telegram in Indonesia. The reason is there are so many channels in the Telegram which are consist of dangerous issues like propaganda, radicalism, terrorism, hate speech, assemble bombs, violent action, disturbing images, and others that are contrary to Indonesian laws and regulations. In the yesterday... Continue Reading →

Sky Bridge Terminal Tirtonadi

Bismillah. Today, I go back to Yogyakarta after one week holiday of Idul Fitri at home. My journey was started by taking a bus from my home to Tirtonadi terminal, then taking a train from Solobalapan station to Yogyakarta. Tirtonadi terminal and Solobalapan station which are in Surakarta (Solo) is connected by a sky bridge... Continue Reading →

Pertanyaan Terkait Kebiasaan Mengunggah Ulang

Bismillah. 3 bulan yang lalu saya membuat tulisan tentang Kebiasaan Bedampak HOAX. Saya membuat tulisan itu karena sebelumnya saya mengajukan pertanyaan di Quora tentang kebiasaan orang-orang yang suka mengunggah ulang konten dari orang lain. Belum ada jawaban sampai saat itu. Malam ini saya kebetulan membuka halaman pertanyaan saya lagi di Quora. Dan ternyata ada beberapa... Continue Reading →

Push Existing Git Repository to Heroku

Bismillah. It is as my note. How to add existing git repository to Heroku app. Here,  I already have an awesome project, I have created a Heroku app, and I have installed git and Heroku command-line interface in my computer. # npm install -g heroku-cli First, do this command to list all remote repository available... Continue Reading →

Install SimpleScreenRecorder Easily

Bismillah. SimpleScreenRecorder is an application to help us record our activity on using programs or games of our computer. Installing it on openSUSE is very easy using YaST. This is an example video which is recorded using SimpleScreenRecorder.  

GitKraken as a Git GUI Client

Bismillah. In this one month, I'm using GitKraken as my Git GUI client after using SmarGit. GitKraken is free for non-commercial use. It is available in GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows. I use it in my openSUSE Tumbleweed to do my working project with my team. It is great with the branch visualization.  

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